Upgrade from V0.13 to the latest version

Hello. I’d to upgrade to Terraform latest version from V0.13. Our modules were initially set to V0.12 but I successfully upgraded to V0.13 by installing Terraform CLI 0.13 and running the command “terraform 0.13upgrade”.
My question is : to upgrade to the latest version, do I have to upgrade to v0.14 or 0.15 before going to the latest?
Also I tried the command “terraform 0.14upgrade or terraform 0.15upgrade” and none of them were working. Looking for any recommendations. Thanks

Hi @Estherlali,

The Terraform v1.0 upgrade guide describes the recommended steps to get from v0.13 to a v1.x release.

In most cases, you can safely skip straight to the latest v1.x release (currently v1.3) in any situation where that guide says to upgrade to v1.0. If you encounter problems when doing that then you may find solutions in the upgrade guides for subsequent minor releases, but the changes there should affect only a small number of users.

There are no upgrade helper commands in subsequent releases after v0.13 because the remaining upgrades to not typically require significant modification of your Terraform configuration files.

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