Use Hashicorp vault in EKS 1.25

Created EKS 1.25 and installed vault sidecar injector. Followed the exact steps given in HashiCorp documentation but still it is not creating initContainers for my application pods. It simply creates my pod as normal, no init container injected.
Checked logs for sidecar injector pod, but there is no mutate call being seen in its logs.

@macmiranda @maxb Please see if you can suggest something here.

HI @doverk96,

You could start by sharing the relevant values from your Helm chart installation (or manual steps, if not using Helm), any other error logs from the Vault agent injector and the Vault server Pods.

Check for the existence of the Mutating Webhook configuration (object name may vary depending on the release name):

kubectl get -o yaml vault-agent-injector-cfg

(redact sensitive output)

Please share your Pod spec containing the Vault injector annotations.

Check if there are any related events on both Vault’s and your application’s namespaces:

kubectl get events -n <namespace>