Using community providers with Terraform Cloud API

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Is there any way to use community providers (eg. UpCloud: with the Terraform Cloud API?


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Bump. I’m specifically here to find this information out and don’t see any response.
I found a community provider for Artifactory created by Atlassian, but not sure how to use this custom provider in the context of Terraform Cloud as well.

This seems relevant as well to the discussion: Private provider hosting

Hi @sheldonhull,

This answer wasn’t relevant at the time of the original question, but at this point I think the best answer is to wait for Terraform 0.13.0 to be released and then to use its support for installing community providers from Terraform Registry. The 0.13.0 release is currently in beta, and the ability to publish community providers to the public registry is also currently in (a separate) beta, so final releases of both should follow soon.

The old answer was to include the provider binaries in the configuration bundle uploaded to Terraform Cloud, under the terraform.d/plugins/linux_amd64 directory relative to whatever directory Terraform Cloud will be running Terraform in. That answer will grow obsolete soon, so unless you have an urgent need to get this done today I would suggest holding and instead perhaps suggesting to the maintainers of the providers you are interested in that they participate in the Terraform Registry community providers beta, which will make the provider available for automatic installation from Terraform 0.13.0 onwards.


I have an internal provider which is only relevant to my company. Does it have to become a community provider and so available to outsiders or how else do I make it available inside here?

required_providers looks nice!

Anyone make any headway getting in-house providers in Terraform Cloud or Terraform Enterprise? Previously, we used terraform-bundle to package custom providers into a Terraform binary and added that to our TFE “Terraform Versions” site admin panel. We’d like to make use of the cool new for_each functionality, but haven’t seen any success so far referencing custom providers.

If you don’t need custom runtimes, I had success packaging a vendors github project and included in the project directly for it to run. I blogged on this here so maybe you’ll get something useful out of my pain :grin: