Using HashiCorp Vault Agent with .NET Core - Doesn't work


I try to make works this topic : Using HashiCorp Vault Agent with .NET Core | Vault - HashiCorp Learn

but some component doesn’t exist or doesn’t works.
The image microsoft/mssql-server-linux doesn’t exist so i try an other.
When i try to test the command :
I have : URL: PUT
Code: 404. Errors:

  • no handler for route ‘projects-api/database/roles/projects-api-role’
    No value found at projects-api/database/creds/projects-api-role

The containers vault works on localhost 8200.
Maybe something wrong with the database.

Any idea ?

Did you see any errors when running the script? It looks like the projects-api/database mount may not have been created.

I’ve not used this particular example before, just looking through the repo contents to see what might have gone wrong.

I replace the image db by another but it probably missing something. No error during the setup… Thanks for your reply