Using meta tags in job configuration


Is it possible to use meta tags (in my instance in a group) to use it within the further configuration?

Code snippet:

group "website-prod" {
  count = 1

  meta {
    web-type = "production"
    web-fqdn = ""

  network {
    port "http" {
      to = 80

  service {
    name = "website-${web-type}"
    port = "http"

    tags = [

When I use this, it will just literally put ${web-type} and ${web-fqdn} in the job and fail.

Hi @chrisvanmeer; yes it is possible to interpolate meta values in service tags. The syntax for doing this as detailed on the Nomad runtime interpolation page would look like${NOMAD_META_web-type}.tls=true.

jrasell and the Nomad team