Vault DR server wont remain unsealed

Hi there! Has anyone here had the following occur to them?

When enabling replication on vault enterprise the DR server is able to be added but once it is added it seals (expected). Then once unsealed it syncs for a few minutes then becomes sealed again. We cannot seem to keep vault unsealed.

If you have had this happen, what were your steps to resolve?

If you have any audit devices enabled is Vault able to write to them? If not Vault will seal.

Thanks for the reply jeff. yes we do and yes it is writing to it, but it seals as it is writing data to the secondary.

The logs should show why it is sealing. Sharing them might help.
But frankly, just file a support ticket since you have Enterprise.

We are looking at the support ticket route - but we figured we’d ask here too incase someone else had this occur. Thus far, nothing in the logs show us a reason for sealing.