Vault HA mode(OSS) with Active/Active setup

Will it be possible to set up two Active/Active setups using the consul backend and keep the data synchronised between two Active/Active setup

  • Vault Cluster A (3 nodes) - Vault Active cluster
  • Vault Cluster B (3 nodes) - Vault Active cluster

I’m aware of HA Active/Standby mode, by any combination can we achieve an Active/Active setup in Vault

With one consul backend will this be possible or it has go with Multiple consul backend?

No, Vault doesn’t support Active/Active.

What you’re looking for a PR Cluster (Performance Replicator) which is the “active/active” – but that’s not a HA solution it’s a remote copy of your data which reduces latency AND can provide it’s own token management. There are obvious shortcoming issues with this (no DR) but it’s a good solution for off loading load as well as reducing latency between different locations.

Vault doesn’t currently have a HA active/active.

Vault performance replication isn’t truly active/active though, as the performance replica still becomes unable to service write operations if its primary cluster goes offline.