Vault role policies is missing

It’s vault (Version 0.10.4), configured auth/aws/role, and found some time the policies assigned to a role was missing, so have to delete the role and configure it again with the right policies attach.

Any suggestion is apprecaited.

I would recommend updating to a current version of Vault. The version you’re running is almost 4 years old and may contain bug fixes related to your issue.

thank you jeffsanicola for the comment. that’s one of the option, could you advise how check logs of that? I’m new to vault, and find no good information regarding checking those logs.

The Vault change logs are available publicly here: vault/ at main · hashicorp/vault · GitHub

You can use the site to download any version of Vault (current and all previous releases).

Note that any 3rd party enhancements or bug fixes in dependencies may not be reflected in the Vault change log (in this case the AWS SDK for Go may have some related updates, but I do not know for certain).

thank you so much for the information, will check.