Vault server only available on localhost in non-routed IP network

Have Vault server 1.3.0 installed on Windows 10 in a 192.168.x.x network. Everything works great from the installed computer. Any attempts so access the Web UI or API from other computers on the subnet are failing to do so.

stanza (address = "192.168.x.x:8200)

Basically getting a time out error.

Tested with a different Web application that the application can be successfully accessed from other computers on this same subset. So don’t believe I’m dealing with some firewall blocking issue. This issue true with both http/https protocols.

This issue is not experienced when working with routed IP addresses.

Might I be missing some setting in the config file?

Non routable IP addresses are treated differently by the windows firewall than routed. Try turning off the firewall entirely or on “Private” networks and see if that helps…if so you’ll need to add a firewall rule.

Thanks. I figure out my issue (I believe). Previously, I was depending on name resolution to happen with the \driver\etc\hosts file.

After changing the Vault server config file to use the IP address rather than the host name, I’m able to access the Web UI from other systems on the same subnet.