Vmware-iso boot_command with ubuntu 18.04 in vmware workstation

I can get it to work if I manually hit and leave the console at the part where it needs to set the boot options, but I can’t seem to get those first two key strokes to interrupt the iso boot - it just skips past and boots to the iso. I’m not sure if it’s a timing problem or something else. Any ideas?
Thank you in advance!

<esc><wait>,<esc><wait>,<enter><wait>/install/vmlinuz grub-installer/bootdev=/dev/sda initrd=/install/initrd.gz auto=true priority=critical preseed/file=/media/preseed.cfg -- <wait><enter><wait>

Works for me.

Incidentally, it also works for Ubuntu 20.04 also the preseed kit, although a new installer is to be established.

Are you using vmware workstation? When I use your example, it just goes immediately to the purple screen with the icon of a human “equals” keyboard, which I take to mean manual keyboard input?
Also, I have to hit enter at the language list for english, then. f6 to start typing boot options. I feel like we’re going down different paths, somehow?

maybe you’re using a different iso?

No, vsphere. And Ubuntu server version.

thank you! I think one of those is the difference. I suspect VMWare workstation

I think rather the desktop installation is different from the server. With VMware, it is simply an entry of keys. They should be the same everywhere.

I’ve found the following example for Ubuntu desktop. Maybe it could help.

# [...]
"boot_command": [
        "url=http://{{ .HTTPIP }}:{{ .HTTPPort }}/ubuntu-desktop/{{ user `preseed_file_name` }} ",
        "auto=true ",
        "net.ifnames=0 ",
        "hostname=localhost ",
# [...]

I discovered my error. none of this works with the desktop live iso.

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