Vnet location is not picking up

I have called module as below, but not sure where I should check this vnet_location.
what is missing here, please suggest.

You are using a module.

You are passing incorrect arguments to that module.

Consult the module’s documentation, and pass it the correct arguments.

Hi Max,

I am using following one. Could you please suggest what exactly needs to be fixed to get rid of the above error.

No, I cannot, as I have no direct experience with Azure at all - certainly not a particular module.

What I can do is offer you some general advice about working with Terraform…

Firstly: You appear, from directory names in your screenshots, to be working with a tutorial aimed at Terraform 0.12. Terraform 0.12 is ancient and unsupported. Following any documentation that is that old, exposes you to risk that software components mentioned in it have changed significantly since it was written. Considering the module you are trying to use has 4 different major versions published on the Terraform registry, it is highly likely it has made substantial incompatible changes since that tutorial was written.

You should use documentation and software that is not substantially out of date. If for some reason you are not able to do so, you should expect problems like this, and be prepared to manually select older versions of modules, etc. too.

Secondly: In my personal experience, many/most Terraform modules are not well documented. You should - again, in my personal experience - expect to need to thoroughly read and understand the implementation of any Terraform modules you use, and not rely only upon their documented inputs and outputs, as seeing how those inputs/outputs are actually connected to the resources within the modules is often a requirement to use them successfully.