What web server do vault using for its GUI?

what is the web component that are used in vault? is it a separate server?
Can someone please pin point me in the github source code where is this component ?

Vault has no moving parts. The UI is built in the Vault binary.

It is an Ember JS application that runs in your browser and makes API calls, just like what you would do on the command line. Vault just serves the HTML, images and Javascript.

If you are developping Vault, you can run the UI on it’s own with the Ember JS runtime, but don’t do that in production…

so it Ember → node .js → api → vault

Don’t want to split hair here, but Ember and Node just generate a whole lot of static HTLM and Javascript files that are served by the Vault binary. You don’t run a Node.js server next to Vault. Only Vault developpers do that.

So it is more like this:

so its just calling API from the browser directly to the vault server?

Yes. The UI is just a handy browser based application that calls exactly the same APIs that you might use from your application or the Vault CLI tool.

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