Why are CDKTF's JSII assets generated with inlined source maps?

I was investigating space-related issues within my team’s end-to-end usage of CDKTF and its providers when I noticed that the Javascript files included in the packages’ bundled JSII archives are transpiled using inlined source maps instead of the more traditional approach of having separate source map files.

Base64-encoding the mapped source has no security benefit and increases the size of the package by a non-trivial amount, so why is the inlined approach used by Terraform CDK and its prebuilt providers?

For comparison’s sake, the AWS CDK ships its package using source map files.

I don’t think there is a specific reason. For JSII packages we use jsii-srcmak which does the JSII compilation and the package creation for non-Typescript languages with the default options. This internally runs typescripts with a tsconfig file that JSII generates and this seems to be configured to use inline source maps.

I think we would be open to changing this behaviour, it has never caused an issue yet so there was no need to change the defaults.

Can you tell us more about the space related issues? Space as in Disk Space?