Why is Claims_scopes always considered as a change in terraform [boundary_auth_method_oidc]?


Whenever I push something to the repo, I see terraform plan is running and sees a change, which is not exactly a change. It seems like email claim is considered as a change every time in boundary_auth_method_oidc resource. Is it a known issue?

resource “boundary_auth_method_oidc” “OktaConfiguration” {
scope_id = boundary_scope.global.scope_id
issuer = “redacted”
client_id = “redacted”
client_secret = “redacted”
signing_algorithms = [“RS256”]
name = “okta”
claims_scopes = [“groups”,“email”]
account_claim_maps = [“email=email”]
api_url_prefix = “redacted”
is_primary_for_scope = true

Should I open an issue on GitHub? :thinking: