0.7.4 version question

Hi @jimlambrt
I saw that client IP was added to the inbound request information in version 0.7.4.
In db, session_connection table was added and client_tcp_address could be checked, but still could not be checked in boundary event log.
Isn’t this applied to the boundary event log?


You’ll have to configure the listener block to include “x-forwarded” options so Boundary knows what to trust upstream for setting client_ip.

Unfortunately, those listener config options haven’t been documented in Boundary yet, but you can find the support config options in Vault’s documentation.

I will add documenting these new listener config options to our to-do list.

Hi @jimlambrt
I added the following settings to the listener of the worker server. But I couldn’t see the values ​​of the session_connection table in the log.

worker config

  x_forwarded_for_authorized_addrs = ""
  x_forwarded_for_reject_not_authorized = "false"
  x_forwarded_for_reject_not_present = "false"

db session_connection table

kibana field

Hi @jimlambrt
Am I correct that I can’t check the client_tcp_address in the log?
Or am I setting it up wrong?


I solved it by setting the x_forwarded setting to the controller.