A UI for terraform config, secrets, and env vars?

I’m looking to share my work further on an open source cluster for VFX rendering. It’s built in Terraform and Ansible. Something I want to stream line for others though is the process getting users to setup configuration through some sort of UI / wizard.

I’m starting to look at managing secrets with Vault, and perhaps its ui would be a place to handle that, but can the same ui be used to manage configuration and env vars as well? Perhaps I could bootstrap the functionality on if not.

Is there something out there that would be a place to start for creating a wizard to guide people through config? Or are there particular web languages I will need to look at to learn how to do this right?

Although I’ve been familiar with Terraform and Ansible for a while, and programmed in Python for about 10 years, I’m not well versed on the web side of things so any pointers on technology I should learn to guide people through config and secrets entry would be much appreciated.