Ability to mark a resource's availability blocked until conditional is met

I have run into two situations in the last few weeks where terraform has felt like it is either missing some functionality, or (more likely) that there is a pattern I’m not aware of that would remove that feeling.

One pattern is where a resource is created, but needs human interaction before a dependant resource can be created. My specific example is using AWS’s secrets manager as the source for injecting a secret into a module. We use terraform to create the aws_secretsmanager_secret resource, then a human needs to set the value, then we can add the module utilizing the value of that resource. What I (think) I’d like to do is, define all resources at once, but have some sort of dependency on the module akin to depends_on [data.aws_secretsmanager_secret_version.secret_string != ‘’]. The output of a run would then be “x resource skipped for failed dependency” informing the user of this incomplete change.

The second example of this I ran into was with AWS’s requirements around the need for certain resource types to be accepted before they can be used (mostly in cross-account scenarios). Specifically, to share a transit gateway across accounts it is a 5 step process back and forth to be completely set up. The workflow to create this in terraform then becomes (the most relevant part of this is highlighting the constant back and forth):

In account A:
Define the Transit Gateway (TGW) in account A
Define the Resource Access Manager (RAM) share A
Share the RAM share with account B

In account B:
Accept the RAM share

In account A:
Define a VPC peer request

In account B:
Accept the VPC peer request
Create routes to the TGW using the new peer connection

In account A:
Create the routes using the now accepted VPC peer

This is a lot of back and forth doing small snippets, where in reality the end state config could not be re-applied anywhere else (or again) without commenting out various resources because it is a back and forth process. Again, a similar ability for “x depends on y being in z state” does not fix the back and forth, but does make it more re-usable without commenting/uncommenting parts.

Does anyone have a pattern for these types of scenarios that helps with this?