About packer & azure devops

hi guys, i’m just starting learning packer i have to create an image factory in my company, so i have some question please :slight_smile:

(all Service principal setting etc are already created and stored in safe place)
for me to use packer in azure devops , we have to provide a .json file (who contain parameters) and a .yml yaml file for the pipeline

i don’t know if i can put my code here , i have composed this script from many other on the internet and my pipeline always failed ,
what boss asked me that they want : a basic windows 2019 image with bginfos installed and notepad++hachicorp2.txt (1.5 KB)

thank you all

Processing: azure-pipelines-1.yml…
Processing: hachicorp1.docx…hachicorp1.txt (1.1 KB)