Acceptance testcase framework to use for providers to be published in terraform registry


We are working on developing a provider for one of our internal products based on the new terraform plugin framework and plan to publish the provider to terraform registry. We wanted to know if there is any guideline on which acceptance test framework to use.
I understand that there is no acceptance test framework available in the new terraform plugin framework. Hence, can we use any third party testing frameworks like terratest or we have to use the acceptance testing framework available in SDK V2?
Could you please help us making this choice.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @SoorajBharadwaj07 :wave: Thanks for raising this.

The framework website documentation contains a page on implementing acceptance testing: Plugin Development - Framework: Acceptance Tests | Terraform by HashiCorp

You’ll notice that its recommending the acceptance testing framework that is currently in the terraform-plugin-sdk repository. That testing framework is compatible with providers developed with terraform-plugin-framework, terraform-plugin-sdk, and terraform-plugin-go. The code just happens to still live in the terraform-plugin-sdk repository at the moment, but it will likely be migrated to its own repository in the coming weeks just to prevent any confusion.

Hope this helps.

Hey @bflad,

Thanks for the response. We started using the acceptance test framework from sdk/v2 in our provider development.


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