Access_config in network_interface for google compute instance not working in version 0.12

Hello all,
This block, that works fine in terraform 0.11:
resource “google_compute_instance” “name”

network_interface {
network = “default”
access_config {
// Ephemeral IP
does not work in version 0.12. I have the following error:

Error: Unsupported argument
on line 12, in resource “google_compute_instance” “vm_instance”:
12: access_config = {

Any idea?
How to define the external ip address for this VM in version 0.12?


Found the RC here I think…

It’s access_config = {} in version 0.11
and access_config {} in version 0.12

Rare thing here is that “terraform 0.12upgrade” didn’t do the job…

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