Access Consul Connect upstream service(s) using DNS? (Nomad)

Consider this basic upstream config for a service (service_b):

      connect {
        sidecar_service {
          proxy {
            upstreams {
              destination_name = "service_a"
              local_bind_port  = 8080

And then configuring service_b with the endpoint to access it:

env {

Which yields This is an issue when using things like ElasticAPM, where all we can see in the http transactions are services all talking to localhost, and not a nice domain name endpoint they would otherwise normally use.
Is there a way to have the connect-enabled / envoy-proxied services exposed over Consul’s DNS interface? so then we could have something like http://${NOMAD_UPSTREAM_host_service_a}:${NOMAD_UPSTREAM_port_service_a} or something similar?