Access to kreuzwerker/docker is forbidden - 403 error

Upon running terraform init we’re getting an error when trying to install provider kreuzwerker/docker ( saying we’re forbidden from accessing and when I type that into my browser I get the same:

403 Forbidden

  • Code: AccessDenied
  • Message: Access Denied
  • RequestId: CC35H4YYJJYDKCWS
  • HostId: 0Dq9TKkGlyJ0vkdKENJVqn+0ALAyitXfbvLIX0iEfaNeHc+kFEfAsgE+l9f0cqYVi1lWjBiVKKE=

Not really sure how to get past this. I assume its not expected?

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I notice kreuzwerker is not listed at which would explain why I can’t download it. So the question becomes, why is kreuzwerker/docker not available at given it is listed on the registry at