ACL on kv (in k8s) -> Too many arguments (expected 1, got 2)


I open the ACL on the server and client. In the client, I am trying to get the kv in the server with token:
consul kv get mysql -token=testtoken

However, I get this:

Too many arguments (expected 1, got 2)

Am I missing anything here?


Hi @cheyuxuanll,

The correct syntax for consul kv get is documented in the help output for the CLI command, and on the website at

$ consul kv get --help
Usage: consul kv get [options] [KEY_OR_PREFIX]

The options need to be specified before the key you are attempting to retrieve. In your particular scenario, the correct command syntax would be:

$ consul kv get -token=testtoken mysql

I hope this helps.

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