Add chrome extension to vault

Hello Community,
I am trying to add chrome extension to store the key in vault. I am getting a permission denied.
Can anyone have an idea on how to resolve that?

Which extension and what is the exact error output?

This one? I don’t know an official one. :thinking:

Hello Wolfsrudel,
Thank you for the reply. Below is the error I am getting
Fetching list of secret directories failed: {“errors”:[“permission denied”]}

Warmest Regards

any resolution for this? I am getting the same error.

No resolution so far . I am still waiting on help for that issue
Warmest regards

thanks. so it’s basically unusable. I tried the same on firefox and I got the same error.

hi all.
Does anybody use the vault chrome extension?

Any issues? I even tried on Firefox but got the same result. Maybe something wrongly configured in my vault server?



Vault needs to be prepared to use this extention. This extention expects secrets to be saved in the ‘secret’ mount path (the default KV store). Version 1 and 2 of the KV store are supported - only difference are the Vault policies you will have to write. The path in this mount should be /vaultPass/[someOrg]/url where:

  • someOrg will be some organisational level in your company to separate access levels
    • You can activate and deactivate these “folders” in options
  • url is a URL or part of it that the credentials should match for
    • Be aware that * characters (and potentially others…) may not work!
    • It should have at least the keys username and password with the respective information
  • Get a Token via the options page of this extention

After that you should add this capabiblities to the default policy



Allow listing orgs in VaultPass

path “secret/metadata/vaultPass” {
capabilities = [

Deny any access to vaultPass credentials by default

path “secret/data/vaultPass/*” {
capabilities = [

Check the extension Github project for more details at GitHub - mulbc/vaultPass: A Chrome extension to leverage Hashicorp Vault as Credential Storage for teams