Add chrome extension to vault

Hello Community,
I am trying to add chrome extension to store the key in vault. I am getting a permission denied.
Can anyone have an idea on how to resolve that?

Which extension and what is the exact error output?

This one? I don’t know an official one. :thinking:

Hello Wolfsrudel,
Thank you for the reply. Below is the error I am getting
Fetching list of secret directories failed: {“errors”:[“permission denied”]}

Warmest Regards

any resolution for this? I am getting the same error.

No resolution so far . I am still waiting on help for that issue
Warmest regards

thanks. so it’s basically unusable. I tried the same on firefox and I got the same error.

hi all.
Does anybody use the vault chrome extension?

Any issues? I even tried on Firefox but got the same result. Maybe something wrongly configured in my vault server?