Add resources to sourced module (AWS)

Hi all!
I have a Terraform modules related question to you.

We are currently using verified vpc registry module and would like to customize it. This registry module has predefined subnets and routes for various components: elasticache, Redshift, DB etc.
We would like to add to this module new arguments when calling it, with other subnets and routes (i.e. elasticsearch, awx etc.) in order to be part of our reusable confs. We wrap registry module to one private git repo and the wrapped one is being used in our conf.
Can you please let me know how can we add customization to registry modules?

Thank you very much for your time and answer!

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Fork the GitHub project, make your changes and publish your version.

You can also use your fork directly as module source without publishing on the registry

Thanks for your answer, @bentterp .

Is there any other way on doing it without forking the registry module?

You can also create resources outside the module but using the resources created by the module. Just try to deploy and then look at what was created.