Add subscription id parameter to azurerm_key_vault_secret

after updating to latest version of terraform i can no longer access keyvault that’s in a different subscription than the current subscription, my tenancy has a lot of subscriptions but i need to share the keyvault as a common resource between subscriptions.

Can we get that back please, probably as a parameter in to the module azurerm_key_vault_secret, shouldn’t be hard to do, but it will benefit a lot of people

what version of terraform/azurerm are you using?

I currently do this now, but I’m using the data.azurerm_key_vault_secret with the keyvault_id value. Are you perhaps only using the name value?

I am using v0.11.11 for terraform


  • provider.azurerm: version = “~> 1.35”

i am using data.azurerm_key_vault_secret with key_vault_id populated, previously i used to use keyvaulturl that used to work perfectly.