Adding a remote service not run through nomad to service discovery?

I am building a nomad cluster on top of digital ocean and need to connect to a DO managed postgress.
I have host/port available as terraform output parameters from the digitalocean_database_cluster resource.

How can I register it with nomad? I need it be available in service discover so that my traefik instance picks it up and allows to connect other services to the database?

Hi @AAverin,

Unfortunately, Nomad does not currently support registering services via external methods and uses a closed internal system. I would suggest either looking at using static value configuration for Traefik or Consul SD to immediately resolve your problem. The static configuration could be ideal, as I assume the database connection details will not change often.

If you would like to have external service registration functionality available within Nomad service discovery, I would suggest raising a GitHub issue detailing your use case, so the team can track this.

jrasell and the Nomad team