Adding ec2 created via management console to custom vp build with terraform

Greetings All,
i created a terraform config file that build a vpc resources and an ec2 resources. i deployed it and everything work. after, i created an ec2 manually on management console and use the security group created by the terraform script. However, i was unable to ssh into ec2 that i build via management console that i put into the vpc created by terraform. i had no problem with the ec2 created with the terraform script. is there an issue launching a resources build by management console and put in vpc created by terraform?

Start by comparing the security groups for each ec2 instance. If you are able to ssh into the ec2 instance deployed by TF, it most likely has a security group permitting port 22 inbound. You may not have added the ec2 instance created from the console to the same group. Difficult to say without much more info, but I would start there.

thanks for the feed back