Adding multiple containers for ECS fargate in single Batch Definition

Hi team, i have a Batch process which runs as a container in ECS fargate. I have used container_properties to onboard this using Terraform Batch Definition resource and it is working as expected as example below
container_properties = jsonencode({
command = [“ls”, “-la”],
image = “busybox”
Now i want to add datadog agent as a sidecar container within the same batch definition resource. As per the Documentation container_properties will not support multiple containers under single batch definition. I could see we can achieve this by defining the multiple containers using “ecsproperties” file from AWS documentation. But iam not able to find the exact Terraform Batch Definition resource for defining “ecsproperties”. Can you please help?


There is already an enhancement request for ecs_properties support: [Enhancement]: AWS Batch `job_definition` ecs_properties parameter · Issue #36034 · hashicorp/terraform-provider-aws · GitHub

You can vote on the issue to hopefully get it prioritized.