After terraform apply there is issue with image

We captured the image with version 1.04 after creating the VM from image 1.0.1 and successfully installing the software and done with system preparation. However, While running terraform apply to take effect this image(1.0.4) on the scaleset, I am seeing the following error.

Virtual Machine Scale Set Name: “TestScaleSet”): compute.VirtualMachineScaleSetsClient#Update: Failure sending request: StatusCode=409 – Original Error: Code=“OperationNotAllowed” Message="Operation ‘Virtual Machine Scale Set’ is not allowed on Update Virtual Machine Scale Set ‘SCALSET’ since the number of data disks 1 in new Image differs from the number of data disks 0 in the previous Image.

Following image is from Compueter gaellery/BuildAgent. You can ignore 1.0.2 and 1.0.3 images

Respective code for scaleset for build agent is below:

Please suggest what is the fix for this
FYI: We have not seen this error when we do it for 1.0.1