Akamai Product ID not being acknowledged

Terraform version

Terraform v0.12.11
+ provider.akamai v0.1.3

I am trying to create a new property in an existing property group.

I have attached the resource statement below. When I run this, the Product value is not being acknowledged, but, if I run without the Product code, it is the same error:

Error: product must be specified to create a new property

Here is my resource statement:

resource "akamai_property" "example" {
  name = "example@domain.com"
  contact = ["example@gmail.com"]
  product = "prd_Site_Accel"

  hostnames = {
    "example@domain.com" = "example@domain.com.xxx.xxx"


Am I missing something? I am pretty new to terraform, so any help is appreciated.