Allocate a given ip block using google_compute_global_address

I have following code:

resource "google_compute_global_address" "sql_block" {
    name                    = "private-ip-block"
    purpose                 = "VPC_PEERING"
    address_type            = "INTERNAL"
    ip_version              = "IPV4"
    prefix_length           = 24
    address                 = ""
    network                 = "my network"

And then use this allocated block to create a link as follows:

resource "google_service_networking_connection" "cloud_sql_conn" {
    network                 = "my network"
    service                 = ""
    reserved_peering_ranges = []

Creating the connection fails with following message however:

Error waiting for Create Service Networking Connection: Error code 3, message: An IP range in the peer network ( overlaps with an IP range in the local network (

Above message makes sense as two ranges overlap. What I dont understand is how the private allocated block became instead of as specified.