Allow null values in state file for nested TypeInt attributes

I’m reaching out regarding this issue: schema.TypeSet: optional primitive(TypeInt/TypeBool) schema attributes: drift (null -> default) after initial apply · Issue #784 · hashicorp/terraform-plugin-sdk · GitHub
From my understanding this is a common issue (plugin cannot differentiate between default vs. unset/null attributes in state) in Terraform plugin SDK but I couldn’t understand if any fix is available yet?

Currently this is impacting our customer as we have some TypeInt attributes in our schema which are getting defaulted to 0 in the state file. These are Optional attributes , hence we expect these to be null.

  • I have tried having Default: nil for these as well but it still didn’t work and attributes are always saved as 0 in state file.
  • Fyi concerned attributes are nested in a List of Objects, so I was unable to do a d.Set() on individual attributes as well.

However, since the plugin always sets these to 0, this causes issues as during the next ‘terraform apply’, these attributes are set to 0 in Atlas causing unexpected behaviors.Please confirm if this is an existing issue and advise any workarounds for the same.

Please let me know if I can provide any additional information/examples to help

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We are unable to resolve this particular issue as part of the SDKv2. I’ve updated the associated Github issue. Hashicorp provides a migration guide from SDKv2 to the Plugin Framework if that is a viable path for your provider.

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