Amazon Linux 2023 ssm_manager

been trying to use ssm_manager with AL2022 and now AL2023.

It says it accepts the session but then just hangs there:

amazon-ebs.al2023: Starting session with SessionId: GitLab_Packer_Build-029119160bdb93a68
amazon-ebs.al2023: Port 8404 opened for sessionId GitLab_Packer_Build-029119160bdb93a68.
amazon-ebs.al2023: Waiting for connections...
amazon-ebs.al2023: Connection accepted for session [GitLab_Packer_Build-029119160bdb93a68]

Anyone else have any luck?
I’ve tried to use the ed25519 keypair type figuring maybe that’s it since rsa is disabled but don’t think that should affect ssm_manager, only ssh communicator.

Here is the ami-id: ami-02f3f602d23f1659d