[ANN] Vault 1.6.6 Released!

Hi folks,

The Vault team is happy to announce the release of Vault 1.6.6!

There is security content pertaining to the Vault UI in this release; see the SECURITY section of the Changelog at [3] for details.

Open-source binaries can be downloaded at [1]. Enterprise binaries are available to customers as well.

As a reminder, if you believe you have found a security issue in Vault, please responsibly disclose by emailing security@hashicorp.com and do not use the public issue tracker. Our security policy and our PGP key can be found at [2].

The key fixes and improvements in this release are:

  • Database Secrets Engine: We have fixed an issue that prevented external database plugin processes from restarting after a shutdown under certain scenarios.
  • Go Version: We have updated the go version from 1.15.11 to 1.15.15
  • Integrated Storage: We have fixed a bug that prevented restoring integrated storage snapshots on Windows

See the Changelog at [3] for the full list of improvements and bug fixes.

OSS [5] and Enterprise [6] Docker images will be available soon.

Vault Team
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[2] Security at HashiCorp
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