[ANN] VaultSharp (.NET Client for Vault) 1.6.0 Released

Hello All

Happy to announce the latest release (v 1.6.0) of VaultSharp - A comprehensive cross-platform C#.NET Library for Vault.

Get it here: https://www.nuget.org/packages/VaultSharp
Documentation: https://rajanadar.github.io/VaultSharp

VaultSharp supports all Auth and Secret backends of Vault including enterprise backends like Transform (for tokenization), Key Management and KMIP. It now supports .Net Standard 2.x (.Net Core 3.x) and .NET 5 as well.

And it works across a wide range of Vault API versions including the latest Vault 1.6.0 API.

For any feedback or feature request: https://github.com/rajanadar/VaultSharp/issues/new/choose