Announcing v0.5.0 of Nomad Podman task driver

Here on the Nomad team we are pleased to announce the release of the Podman task driver for Nomad version v0.5.0. This release includes the following improvements and bug fixes.

  • Support for setting “docker credentials” auth helpers in plugin configuration
  • Support for setting extra_hosts in task configuration
  • Support for setting tls_verify in task configuration
  • Fixed a bug where cpuset was not configured correctly on cgroups v2 systems
  • Fixed a bug where driver would panic on systems without a nobody user
  • Fixed a bug where Nomad client may hang on restart due to recover_stopped

In addition, Nomad v1.6 was released today with quality-of-life improvements for Podman users making use of Consul Service Mesh. The integration should be more seamless now and require no additional configuration when using the Podman task driver.

Please report any issues found to GitHub.

As usual, a shout-out to the community for bug reports and PRs.

Thank you,

The Nomad Team


v0.5.0 Changelog - GitHub

v0.5.0 Binaries - HashiCorp Releases