Announcing v2.0.0-rc.2 of the Plugin SDK

Hi everyone!

The Terraform Plugin SDK team is pleased to announce RC2 of version 2 of the SDK. We’ve been gathering feedback ever since RC1 was shipped, and are excited to share some improvements.

We’ve radically redesigned and improved our test driver, to maintain the reliability and accuracy of binary acceptance testing while retaining the same support our old test driver had for Go’s built-in test coverage and race detection tooling, as well as for debuggers like delve.

We added convenience methods to our diag package to help work with diagnostics in certain common situations.

We added a new plugin.Debug function that can be used to support debugging production builds of your providers with tooling like delve.

And based on feedback we received, we’ve restored the helper/schema.ResourceData.Partial method, for use in rolling back state in the face of errors.

We’re also excited to ship a draft of our upgrade guide, to help smooth the process of upgrading from v1 to v2 of the SDK.

You can find more details on this release in the CHANGELOG.

We encourage you to take the release candidate for a spin (though we recommend against shipping production versions of providers with it at this time) and appreciate any and all feedback you can offer via the issue tracker.

To use the release candidate, run go get from within your provider directory. We recommend running go mod tidy after upgrading. If this is you’re upgrading from 1.13.1, the tf-sdk-migrator v2upgrade command may be easier.

Happy Terraforming!

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