Anybody been able to ssh into a "packed" ClearLinux image on AWS?


there is a ClearLinux AMI in the AWS Marketplace which I’m trying to customize as my base image. For some reason after Packer successfully creates the custom AMI and one creates a new EC2 instance from that image, the chosen ssh key is rejected and I’m prompted to put in a password, which of course won’t work.

Now, I’m not really sure if Packer or ClearLinux is the culprit, but you gotta start somewhere, right. Any help is appreciated.

Currently I’m using Packer 1.4.3 via amazon-ebs builder but the problem existed in earlier version as well.

Let me know if you guys need more input on my part. For those of you eager to give ClearLinux a spin, the default user is clear.


I opened an issue with ClearLinux as well and it appears as if there might be something to go on on their part. Highly likely this isn’t a Packer issue. I’ll update this post if I learned more and close it eventually.