Api Version registration on China Subscription


we have a problem creating Service Bus on China Subscription.

creating service bus with Terraform fails due to missing Provider API-Version:
Error: creating/updating Namespace: (Name “sb-xxxx” / Resource Group “rg-rita-prod-chinaeast2-tmqfc”): servicebus.NamespacesClient#CreateOrUpdate: Failure sending request: StatusCode=400 – Original Error: Code=“NoRegisteredProviderFound” Message=“No registered resource provider found for location ‘chinaeast2’ and API version ‘2021-06-01-preview’ for type ‘namespaces’. The supported api-versions are ‘2014-09-01, 2015-08-01, 2017-04-01, 2018-01-01-preview, 2021-01-01-preview’. The supported locations are ‘chinanorth, chinaeast, chinanorth2, chinaeast2’.”
with module.servicebus.azurerm_servicebus_namespace.servicebus,
on .terraform\modules\servicebus\main.tf line 10, in resource “azurerm_servicebus_namespace” “servicebus”:
10: resource “azurerm_servicebus_namespace” “servicebus” {

How can we register the missing api on the China subscription.

Thanks for your Help