Apple MBP ARM architecture

Apple has released that the new Macs (such as the new MBP 13’’) will now be released with ARM chipset. My whole team works using Macs and Vagrant for the virtualization of Linux environments.

Will be Vagrant be supported on the new architecture?

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Vagrant should still work as expected via rosetta 2. We’ll also be working on shipping universal builds in the near future so that Vagrant will run native based on the local architecture of the platform.

The providers being utilized by Vagrant will be a different story. Virtualization providers will need to support the new macOS architecture. For some of them, work has been done or is currently in progress for ARM support. Others currently do not have plans at this time for migrating to the ARM platform. As such, it would be a good idea to investigate the support of the software you use before upgrading to the new architecture.



Vagrant works, but it’s a different story for the providers.

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I’ve uploaded two boxes for the vmware provider:

Ubuntu Server 20.04
Ubuntu Server 21.10

Both boxes are working fine on Mac with Apple Silicon. I made several tests on my MacBook Pro 14" with M1 Pro Silicon.
So far I wasn’t able to find any configuration where these boxes are not working.

It looks the VMware provider is not able to cope with predictable network interface names.
I tried several times and wasn’t able to get one really working.
As soon as I switched back to the old interface names like eth0 everything worked perfectly.

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@chrisroberts Any update on this? It’s been over 2 years now, so lots of work has been done for provider plugins to work natively on Apple Silicon arm64 architecture.

There seems to be a lot of interest in the GitHub issue #12548.