Application gateway address pool association

Hi Team ,
we are getting an error while creating azure application gateway backend address pool for associating with appservice,

Error : The provider hashicorp/azurerm does not support resource type “azurerm_application_gateway_address_pool_association”

Here is terraform code that i used ,

data “azurerm_application_gateway” “agw” {
name = “appgwwaf-nonprod”
resource_group_name = “Rg-test”

resource “azurerm_application_gateway_address_pool” “appbep” {
name = “appserviceben-nonprod”
servers = [ “” ]

resource “azurerm_application_gateway_address_pool_association” “appassociation” {
application_gateway_id =
address_pool_id =

Terraform is already telling you exactly what is wrong:

Hi, Thanks for reply .

don’t we have any other solutions? please share me if any ( azurerm_application_gateway_address_pool_association)

The solution is to not make up names of Terraform resources that don’t exist.

Beyond that, I don’t use Azure so can’t advise further.