[ask][nomad] Node Id and Allocation behavior if Nomad Clients instance IP Change

Hi, wanna ask, the behavior of the nomad agent related to the Node ID and Allocation on it,

If Nomad Clients in the middle of it’s running, the instance restarted and got different ip address, but the Node ID still same, did the nomad server still recognize it as old instance or its not?

if yes, does the allocation state on that nomad client instance will be same as before restarted? I mean the docker container run on it and the port it’s exposed, etc.

tl:dr, the goal is we want to utilize spot instance to host our stateful workload

Hi @petrukngantuk1 :wave:

If the node ID is still the same Nomad should recognize it as the same client, regardless of IP address.

I don’t think so? :thinking: Unless you are using some kind of volume. I think your allocation would be rescheduled to a different client.

But it would worth testing this in practice. If you do, I would be curious to hear your results :slightly_smiling_face: