Assign Multiple Existing Elastic IPs to Multiple Newly Created EC2

Using Terraform 0.13

I have 5 Elastic IPs that were provisioned and I’d like to assign each to an EC2 as I provision them. Each EIP is given a predictable tag Name. IE vpn-eip-1, vpn-eip-2, etc.

This allows for nice list creations for looking up these values.

[for i in range(1, var.num_of_hosts + 1) : format("vpn-eip-%s", i)]

(Assuming num_of_hosts <= 5)

Each Elastic IP must remain intact as those have been given out to other teams.

The idea is that my team can scale up and down the number of VPN servers and fill up this Elastic IP allocation if/when there is a spike in demand.

I’m struggling with a looping concept for this using the aws_eip_association resource in conjunction with aws_instance resource.

For example, if I wanted to deploy 2 VPN servers.

I’d call something like.

module "my_vpn" {
  source       = "../../modules/vpn"
  deploy_count = 2

Which is referencing something like.

resource "aws_instance" "this" {
  count                     = var.deploy_count
  ami                       = var.ami_id
  instance_type             = var.instance_type
  key_name                  = var.key_name
  user_data                 = file(var.user_data)
  subnet_id                 = var.subnet_id
  vpc_security_group_ids    = var.security_groups
  iam_instance_profile      =
  tags = {
    Name    = "vpn-host-${count.index + 1}"

My struggle is, how do I

  1. Grab each eip_id using aws_eip as a data source
  2. Assign each eip_id to its corresponding EC2

Maybe I’m looking at this wrong, but my thinking is that I can use the deploy_count to increment an aws_eip data source in Terraform and pull in the next eip by tag name based on the predictable naming scheme.

Would love some advice on this design. Maybe I’m over complicating this? Maybe I’m close to a solution and overlooking something?

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