Authentication to Vault from local machines' repos

Hey team, I need some advice regarding Vault auth!!
My problem is as follows:

  1. My microservices run in 3 environments - local (my machine), stage (ec2), prod(ec2).
  2. For the last 2 envs, aws serves as an identity provider through which the microservice can easily authenticate to Vault, and i can define crisp vault policies mapped to IAM roles.
  3. But how do I establish vault auth for my local environment as there is no third party which can provide identity.
  4. For auth methods like userpass etc. I have to somehow store username passwords on my local machine which I don’t think is a wise idea.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Maybe look into Cobbyhole Response Wrapping.

Why do you say storing passwords on your local machine isn’t a good idea?