Authing with 3rd party private providers

I set up a private registry using Provider Registry Protocol. When I init, the provider is downloaded from my private registry, but it is not able to to be installed due to a checksum list has no SHA-256 hash error. shasums_url and shasums_signature_url are good and valid. Any idea why tf is not pulling these and using for verification? Must a provider only be signed with hashicorp keys? My version is Terraform v0.14.5

@apparentlymart would you be able to comment on this?

This error seems to come from the step that parses the _SHA256SUMS file retrieved from the URL given in the registry response:

The code before that error is looking for a line in the file which starts with the filename given in the error message, and so my first guess would be that the filename doesn’t exactly match the filename that the registry is reporting and so Terraform can’t match the downloaded file against one of the rows in the sums file.