Auto Join in the raft storage - Deployed using helm chart

Hi ,

We are using the vault raft to auto join our pods in the Cluster ,

We have tried the steps in the below mentioned URL

    ui = true

    listener "tcp" {
      tls_disable = 1
      address = "[::]:8200"
      cluster_address = "[::]:8201"

    storage "raft" {
      path = "/vault/data"
      retry_join {
         leader_api_addr = "http://vault-0.vault-internal:8200"

Also we have used the atuo_join cloud option , As mentioend below

storage “raft” {
path = “/vault/data”
retry_join {
auto_join = “provider=aws addr_type=public_v4 tag_key=cluster_name tag_value=cluster_name_eks access_key_id=”" secret_key_id="" region=us-east-1"
auto_join_scheme = “http”

But we are unable to see the Only one vault-0 joining in the cluster and sealing ,

Do any one have the Proper Steps of Some Clue to Auto Join all the pods in the cluster once we have initated the
#helm install vault hashicorp/vault values.yaml

Command < Expecting from Intrested People’s PLEASE>

Since we are trying for the past 1 month .


It sounds like you have not performed this part of the document you referenced: