Automatic consul service registration updates

I am wondering if there is a way consul can push the all service registration to all its registered services in a periodic manner ?

Say there were 3 services A,B,C.
At time T1 service A registered with consul.
At time T2 service B registers with consul. At this time is there a way consul can push this notification to service A that B is a valid service ?
Same with service C registration.


Hi @fredstanley,

You may be able to achieve this by using a Blocking Query on the /v1/catalog/services HTTP endpoint. That would provide a way to essentially notify you as new services come online.

I would not recommend doing this if you have a very large number of services / high amount of churn within the service catalog, and a large number of consumers watching for updates. These updates do place additional load Consul, and could have a negative performance impact at large scale.