Aws_autoscaling_attachment Issue

i am having below issue after changing my tf provider version 5.5.0 . the log seems to misleading me because i am not using any m3.large type instance in launch template. here is the error below

Error: attaching Auto Scaling Group (X-prod) target group (arn:aws:elasticloadbalancing:ap-southeast-1:16***8200200:targetgroup/X-prod/98923b911e1e314f): ValidationError: The specified instance type m3.large is not supported by Network Load Balancers. If you are using Instance Requirements, then change your configuration to one that resolves to compatible instance types.
│   with aws_autoscaling_attachment.X-tg-attachment,
│   on line 658, in resource "aws_autoscaling_attachment" "X-tg-attachment":
│  658: resource "aws_autoscaling_attachment" "X-tg-attachment" {