AWS backup vault in two different region


I’m in a situation where i have to create 2 aws backup vault using terraform in separate region with backup plan rule. not sure how to accomplish this.

I have created
resource “aws_backup_vault” “source” {
name = “test-source-vault”

resource “aws_backup_vault” “dest” {
name = “dest-backup-vault”

resource “aws_backup_plan” “plan-aws” {
name = “test-backup-plan”
rule {
rule_name = “test-rule”
target_vault_name =
copy_action {
destination_vault_arn = aws_backup_vault.dest.arn

my question is how will terraform know which destination region it needs to copy the backup to? or how to create dest backup vault in different region? where i need to do that?

can you please help?
Thank you!